My Motivation for Writing This Book

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About This Book

This book could be the foundational principles of the new world order in the not-to-distant future. Therefore dear human being, if you are interested in the Earth and Life on it, please read this book carefully to be fully aware of its contents and to know what the next steps are to build a perfect world.

The height of excitement and the beginning of the philosophy of my perfect world starts at chapter 3.

The motivation for me to start writing this book was a 42-year old idea that grew in my brain all these years, to the extent that the horizon of freedom and liberation of human beings be unbound from all dictatorship, crimes, corruptions hunger, and displacement. Each issue was very visible in my mind and it pushed an inner force to write and publish the idea.

In the beginning, when this idea was born in my mind, I thought that maybe other intellectual people are aware of these beliefs, and maybe one day someone will write them and bring the whole world to freedom. The more time passed, I realized that no one was thinking about these ideas. Finally, after spending my youth and stepping into old age, I realized that these ideas are only in my mind and I must start writing this book.

My Perfect World is about parts of my personal life and in the second chapter, I talk about the birth, growth, progress and, development and losses of the capitalist system.
Chapter 3 and moving forward, I talk more about my proposed system.

About the Sections of this Book

After many greetings to you dear reader who has chosen this book to read. Let me briefly present its most important topics to you.



About the Author

My name is Ahmad and my last name is Yousefi, but none of them is my favourite nor can determine my DNA, because Ahmad is an Arabic name and I am Persian, and as I can remember when I was a child, our family name was changed by my father once and who knows how many other times that have been changed before I was born.
Since Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers took power in Iran, I was inactive opposition to the regime and for security reasons, I have had to use a few different names so I could continue my political activities without putting my family and myself at risk. Therefore, I chose Ahura Tehrani as an artistic name, and Adam Wiseman as a global name.
My most philosophical responsibility ends with the publication of this book.
My goal in writing this book is to express my dream of a better life for all living things on Earth before I die. I tried to use my best ability to communicate this new philosophy in simple words, to make sure everyone, in any class, or age will understand it.


My first ever book, a collection of poetry in Persian, is included with some editions of the book.

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This radio program was broadcast in 1993 in Stockholm, and recorded at home by my wife.
The subject of this radio program was that whenever I was writing new poems, I used to call one of the Persian radio programs and read my poems to Iranians living in Sweden.
One day when I sang my new poems on radio Tehran, after I finished, thanked the announcer for giving me the time, said goodbye and hung up, a large number of radio listeners called the announcer and asked him, “why don’t you ever invite Mr. Tehrani (me) to one of your programs so he can read his poems for us?” Therefore, the radio announcer, according to the people’s request, invited me to his studio for the weekend program. I was a guest on that radio show for two days in a row.
The last part of this audio relates to the Iranian national anthem and has nothing to do with this radio program. I recorded that part at home with my children. It was interesting to me, which is why I included it.


A month after I moved to Vancouver in the spring of 1994, I noticed an ad in the Persian newspaper about a group of people putting theatre together. They were hosting a meeting, and looking for people to join them. I went to that meeting and had an opportunity to read one of my poems. With my words and voice, the audience’s attention was drawn to me. Therefore, they quickly nominated me for their first theatre role.

After selecting the play, the players, the producer, and the director, it was decided that we would rehearse together every night for five to six hours until we were ready. It took six months for us to find our roles and memorize all the dialogue.

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