I start writing this book from 2015 in Persian language but from November 2017 I start rewriting it in english and I end it on March/ 21/ 2021.
In this book I talk a little bit about myself then I talk about the current system capitalism, religions and politicians behaviours.
From chapter 3 and on I began to talk about My proposal system for the alternative to replace the capitalism.
I also published a Persian Poetry book in 1994 which I try to have that book in my site available to persian language people.
There are 34 poems in that book and I will include that Persian poetry book to My Perfect World as well I also Publish with out the Persian poems for non Persians.
There will also be a play on this site featuring my act have been performed at a theater in Vancouver Canada on December 1994.
The name of the Play was successor ByG Hossain Saedi.