This website contains some of my art works throughout my life:

1- My Perfect World

Front cover of "My Perfect Wold" by Adam Wiseman
Back cover of "My Perfect World" by Adam Wiseman

This philosophical book is starting with little bit about myself, and then is about losses and disadvantages of capitalist system and from chapter three and on is about my proposed system {Social Council Democratic and Meritocracy} system.
The first chapter of the book is about my life and why and how I started writing this book. Second chapter is about the disadvantage of the current system that rules the whole world (Capitalism) and from chapter three and on is about My Perfect World and details of religions.

I started writing this book from September 2017 and until today which is February 19/ 2021, and it has not been published yet.

The reason I decided to write this book was that we humans are all responsible to save the planet earth from the danger that threatens the earth from human beings. Also I believe that if we don’t do our duty, no one else will do it for us from other planets

2- Book of my Persian poetry (Warning)

cover of Persian poetry which is included in the full edition.

This book contains 34 Persian poems that are published in 1995.
Most of the poems in this book are about the policy that is applied daily in Iran and the rest of the world.

Note: There is also an audio file attached to this book, which was recorded on a radio broadcast in Sweden in the years before the book was published.

In this radio program, I was invited for two days and sang several of my poems to the listeners who also called back and commented on my poems. Listen on soundcloud.

3- Theatrical play named (Successor) in video

This video contains theatrical play called successor that was staged at the Vancouver Centennial Theater in December 30th 1994.
In that theater, I played the role of a religious person. The duration of this play is about one hour and 20 minutes.

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